Colin Burns
New Interviews With Persona 4: Dancing All Night Voice Actors
No, it's not Troy Baker but still very cool!
09.14.15 - 3:44 AM

With Persona 4: Dancing All Night right around the corner, Atlus USA has been building the hype with a steady stream of trailers and updates. Atlus USA PR Manager, John Hardin sat down with a few of the voice actors from the game to discuss their roles, their experience with the series and voice acting in general.

P4D Kanji Naoto

Did you even notice that some characters have had new voice actors since Ultimax?

Take a look at the actress behind Naoto Shriogane, Valerie Arem.

If Kanji is your man, check out this interview with Matthew Mercer.

Can't get enough of Persona voice actors? Check out our exclusive interview with Erin Fitzgerald, the unmistakeable voice of Chie Satonaka.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night will hit store shelves on September 29th in North America.