Brett Wooley
The Legend of Legacy Demo is Coming to an eShop Near You
Pre-order now for the low price of lost data storage. What a deal!
09.13.15 - 6:57 AM

Atlus and FuRyu's new Turn Based RPG: Legend of Legacy (which is better than "We've Just Run Out of Names Fantasy Game") will have a playable demo on the Nintendo eShop on September 22nd. The demo will take you through the prologue and the first two dungeons of the game. A feature that I continue to love, is that the demo save file will transfer to the full game. So just start playing, and let your 3DS sleep until tomorrow (because that's what I did for Bravely Default).

We also have gameplay footage from the three remaining protagonists of the game:

  • Owen A veteran merc known as the "Baron". He's good with long swords, axes, and shields, but not with any magic.
  • Eloise The alchemist on the hunt, for an island that harbors the secret to eternal youth. She's good with a bow, staff, and all of the elements.
  • Filmia Sweet Undine help me, he is ADORABLE. The heir to a lost kingdom, in search of a home for his people. He's a spear fighter, with a strong affinity to water, and a license to be kawaii as fudge.

Legend of Legacy is coming to the Nintendo 3DS in North America on October 13th and in Europe in early 2016. While you eagerly await the demo; check out the additional gameplay trailers below, and visit our gallery for more visuals.