Brett Wooley
Tokyo Xanadu Looks Like a Nice Place to Visit
But I wouldn't want to fight demons there.
09.13.15 - 6:46 AM

Falcom has released more media from their new PS Vita Action/RPG Tokyo Xanadu (aka NOT Persona / Digital Devil Saga, right?). We now have glimpses in the difference between the over-world, and the mysterious "other world" dungeon. Moriyama City (which was inspired by West Tokyo) serves as your plot/store hub, with locations that actually belong in Japan.

Nanahoshi Mall

Nanahoshi Mall is a two-story shopping center that will house most (if not, all) of your shops. You can buy equipment, upgrades, miscellaneous goods, and even "cosplay products". There's even a jewellery shop and fortune-teller.

animate Everyone loves a good trailer.

Other locations include Animate (a real store that sells anime goods and media), Kotobukiya (a real store that manufactures model kits), and Orion Shobo (a real bookstore).

Once you've had your fill of the real world, and decked your team out with the latest gear, it's time to delve into the alien world of Eclipse. You can select between Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulties at anytime. However, if you play in "Nightmare" mode, you're stuck there. You can alternate fighters and support characters on the fly, but characters that lose their HP are automatically moved to support (while they recover).

Tokyo Xanadu will be playable at Tokyo Game Show 2015 between 9/17 9/20. The game will be released on the PlayStation Vita on the 30th of September. In case you missed the trailer, here's the TGS version: