Colin Burns
Kingdom Hearts 2.9 Leaks and Pixar in Kingdom Hearts 3
All this according to a LinkedIn profile.
09.09.15 - 12:26 AM

Game Director, Richard VanDeventer, recently updated his LinkedIn profile to reflect his work on the Kingdom Hearts series.

The biggest surprise is a listing for something called Kingdom Hearts 2.9 being developed for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Kingdom Hearts 2.9 was also present on a Square Enix E3 2015 schedule but it was quietly removed from the list.

No one knows what this game is or if it's still in development. It's possible that it's a complete collection of all the games in the series that would release before Kingdom Hearts 3 to give fans one complete package to catch up with.

Hopefully Square Enix will shed some light on Kingdom Hearts 2.9 at Tokyo Game Show.

As for games that are absolutely real, VanDeventer's profile also states that Square has been meeting with Pixar in regards to Kingdom Hearts 3.

Pixar films are full of untapped potential for Kingdom Hearts games. Imagine a world based on a classic like Toy Story. Woody would be right at home with Sora and the gang as they fight their way through Andy's room.

WALL-E, Brave and Finding Nemo would also be prime candidates for the KH treatment.

The profile also shared information about online functions and the return of the Gummi Ship.

Take a look at a screencap of the LinkedIn profile.

Kingdom Hearts Leak