Colin Burns
Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Scans Show Off Mega Abilities
Plus news about some new items.
09.08.15 - 1:09 PM

New scans from CoroCoro reveal information about Mega Evolutions and a few new items Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon.

Mega Evolved Pokemon are able to break through walls within dungeons which may not sound like much, but in a maze heavy roguelike, this could be very useful.

On top of that information, a new accessory system was introduced. A Ringle is an item that gets held by a Pokemon and can then be augmented with Lapis which provide special buffs. You can equip your Ringle with an offensive Lapis or a defensive Lapis to better suit your situation.

Pokemon Dungeon Scans

Pokemon Dungeon Scans 2

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is releasing in Japan Sept. 17th and North America Nov. 20th. The game will head to Europe and Australia sometime in 2016.