Jesse Woo
Defend Gallia in Valkyria Chronicles Mod for Civ V
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09.07.15 - 7:16 PM

If you have ever wished for more Valkyria Chronicles and found the PSP sequel a bit lacking, the Steam Workshop now has a mod available for Civilization V: Brave New World adding the Principality of Gallia as a playable civilization. The mod places Valkyria Chronicles protagonist Welkin Gunther at the head of the civilization, adds Ragnite as a resource, and creates Ragnite Factories as a unique improvement for Gallia. Ragnite Factories add +1 science once the civilization unlocks plastic manufacturing and nets a Great Science and Great Engineer point for every two factories.

Gallia Civilization Mod Description

Ragnite Factories can also build the unique Gallian "Edelweiss" unit that replaces tanks and runs on Ragnite. The Principality of Gallia also has a Unique Ability that makes combat units 15% more effective when inside their own borders and grants a 5% increase to production and science for each defensive structure.

Gallia Civilization Mod map Gallia Civilization Mod Welkin

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