Brett Wooley
Atelier Sophie Updates: Gameplay, Characters, and Vouchers, Oh My
Feast your eyes!
09.05.15 - 4:18 PM

The official Atelier Sophie page has released new information about the game. Because you KNOW you love side quests, players will get to take on "Requests" from the people within the town. Fulfilling the Request may require the gathering materials, or the creation of items through alchemy. An interesting element is the possibility of fulfilling "Group Requests", where greater rewards are received by taking on multiple requests in the same area.

I wish I could just get a random person to do my chores.

Another gameplay element of Atelier Sophie, is the inclusion of "Vouchers", which can be gained for clearing Requests. The Vouchers can be traded for other items such as "Meister Mittens", of the "Persona of Fraternity", even "Dating Tickets" This is a JRPG, so Dating Tickets are probably needed to win the game.

Guess how much the Dating Tickets cost.

While you're here, how about you meet some new characters?

He possesses WAY more swagger than you.

Meklet (or Mekuretto) is a mysterious boy, who seems to be studying alchemy. Even though he looks like a child, he can sharply see through the nature of things. Meklet is always seen travelling with ...

How are you not sweating in that?

Atomina. While it's not clear if they are related, she seems more shy than her festively dressed counterpart. She exhibits an innocence that seems appropriate for her "visual age". It's possible that she is also looking into the study of alchemy like Meklet.

She must work at StarHooterBucks.

Tess Heitzmann is the bright, yet unwittingly troublesome poster girl, of the cafe she works at. She works there to help support her large family, and sports an outfit that should surprise literally NO ONE.

Atelier Sophie is coming to PS3, PS4, and Vita on 11/19/15 in Japan. Oh, and before you leave, would you watch the video below, to get some visual gameplay goodness? Thanks sweetie, and tell your mom I want my Tupperware back.