Brett Wooley
Kingdom Hearts: Unchained Chi is Coming to a Mobile Device Near You
The legendary Keyblade War ... in the palm of your hands.
09.02.15 - 9:07 PM

What started as a Japanese role-playing browser game back in July 2013, will now be a F2P game (with in-app purchases) on iOS and Android. Kingdom Hearts: Unchained Chi is set inside the Book of Prophecies, and tells the story of the “Keyblade War” mentioned throughout the game's lore. You can customize an avatar, and play over 300 stages through to many Disney worlds to collect “Lux” from the Heartless.

We're gonna need a bigger key.

Through progression, you will engage with story elements from earlier history, as well as from the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III. The game also features events like faction battles, and opportunities to team up with other factions to fight bosses. Players can also collect, fuse, and evolve items to customize their Keyblade attacks.

Kingdom Hearts: Unchained Chi will be available for download on iOS and Android on September 3rd in Japan. There's no English release date yet, but we should hear about it soon.