Scott Clay
Guild Wars 2 Core Game Goes Free to Play, End Game Raids To Be Added
Time for some hard end game content.
09.01.15 - 4:18 PM

During ArenaNet's panel at PAX Prime, ArenaNet's President Mike O'Brien officially announced that Guild Wars 2's core game will go free to play starting August 29th at 11 PDT. Guild Wars 2 has never had a subscription to begin with, so what this means is that Guild Wars 2 will no longer be buy to play. You can now download the client, and play the full game with only a few restrictions. Some of these restrictions include a limited bank space, having to wait till level 60 to play World verses World, and a limit to the number of whispers you can send out. These restrictions are in place to obviously cut down on gold spammers, as well avoid population unbalance for World versus World gameplay. These restrictions of course are lifted if you buy the upcoming expansion Heart of Thorns which is due out on October 23rd. You can check out a sweet release trailer for it below.

Speaking of Heart of Thorns, it was also revealed during the press conference that end game raids will finally be implemented into Guild Wars 2. If there has been something missing from Guild Wars 2 since it's launch, it is the lack of end game PvE content. That will thankfully change with Heart of Thorns. The problem is that Guild Wars 2prides itself on the lack of the holy trinity system of tank, healer, and DPS classes, so building your traditional MMO raid without them could be very tricky. It appears ArenaNet has an answer to this by strategically using the action combat of Guild Wars 2 to create fun and difficult raid bosses that do not rely on your traditional MMO standards. I know I personally can't wait to dive head first into it when it's released, but for now well have to settle for an awesome sneak preview trailer for them. You can check it out below.

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns release worldwide on October 23rd.