Brett Wooley
Dragon Quest V for Mobile Is On Sale
Use what is left over to get you that Bronze Helm!
09.01.15 - 3:44 AM

Dragon Quest V, a landmark RPG that help popularize many modern gameplay elements, is currently 33% off on mobile! The game is a touched up port of the DS version, which features several enhancements from the PS2 version, which was an upgrade from original SNES version (you get the picture). This is the perfect type of mobile game to pick up and play, as you can assign AI to the characters in battle, and adapt the controls for one or two handed play. Not to mention the fact that you have three possible wives to choose from, and 70+ monsters to recruit!

Dragon Quest V is available on iPhone and Android for $9.99 US; requiring about 180-200MB of storage space. You didn't need that video of you singing in the car anyway.