Brett Wooley
See Summon Night 5's Limited Physical Release and New Trailer
Why aren't you watching it already? I want action, not excuses!
08.29.15 - 10:22 PM

A gameplay and animation trailer for turn-based SRPG Summon Night 5 is up and ready for visual consumption. The video shows little details of what to expect in combat, "summon assists" that might combo into the character's attack, combat quests that give you rewards, and equip-able classes that affect the character's stats. The game features 70+ main and side battles, multiple endings, and a fishing mini-game (which is JRPG law). Check out the whole video below!

You excited yet? Well Summon Night 5 is even getting a one-time physical release, in advance of the digital copy. Here's what you get:

  • Case with multi-sided cover insert
  • UMD with custom art
  • Full-color game manual
  • Giant 14"x19" poster
  • Full Summon Night 5 Original Soundtrack CD (OST)
  • North America PSN (only) digital download code, good for free download
  • Serial Numbered Holographic Seal

On the Gaijinworks website, they are even having a vote to decide on the design of the UMD, with examples of the artwork that could be selected. The full price for this is $41.99 US + $5 Continental USA Shipping, and the pre-sale will stay open until September 7th at 11:59PM PST. Once the pre-sale is closed the game will be available digitally only on PSN this Fall.