Chris Gebauer
The Witcher 3's New Game+ DLC is Out Now For Everyone
It is time to restart the hunt - now with your hard earned gear!
08.25.15 - 4:27 PM

With last weeks free DLC from CD Projekt Red, New Game Plus mode is now available for The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. North American PS4 gamers had to wait a little bit longer than their European counter parts, but now everyone can restart the game with their hard earned gear. Now available on all platforms, players willing to take Geralt's journey again in this harder mode can bring their inventory items, recipes, witcher gear, money and EXP over with them. In fact, if you finished the game lower than level 30, New Game Plus will start you there. What won't make the new journey are consumables like food and drink, books and letters, monster trophies, map locations, and quest items (which includes your beloved Gwent decks).

Witcher 3 New Game+

When CD Projekt Red first announced their plan to support the game with free DLC, many gamers, myself included, have been hoping for the developer to include New Game Plus as one of those content packs, and they listened. CD Projekt has proved time and time again how much they care about their community (I mean they gave us a thank you letter and a soundtrack with the game!), and New Game Plus is just the icing on the cake.

Now to play through on Death March with all my cool stuff...