David Brown
PS4 and Vita Trophies for Kemco RPG Grinsia Are Leaked
Sorry trophy hunters; no platinum.
08.24.15 - 8:29 PM

Grinsia is an RPG from Kemco that came out last year. The only platforms Grinsia is available are iOS, Android, and Nintendo 3DS, but now it looks like we can add PlayStation platforms to that list. Despite no official word from Kemco, a trophy list has appeared.

grinsia ps4 vita

Grinsia will have one gold trophy, three silver trophies, and six bronze trophies. If PS4 or Vita is your platform-of-choice and you think you might be interested, here is the Google Play description of the game:


Grinsia is a fantasy RPG, with a quest involving twin Goddesses, and six pieces of treasure. The main characters are a family of treasure hunters, and they are joined by a wide range of other characters.

A wide range of allies, and many ways to enjoy the adventure

In Grinsia, you can choose your allies from a wide range of characters.

When the number of characters passes a certain point, you can choose which of your allies to take with you by going to a tavern in one of the towns or villages.

Each character reacts differently to each event, so by changing the members of your party, you can play the game again and again, enjoying the different reactions of the members.

In the main story, there are characters who won’t become allies, too.

Journey across the world, in search of allies!

Night and Day

As time passes, the game changes between day and night. The appearance of towns and open land, and the way the game progresses, differ between day and night.

Supports high-quality graphics

The beautiful graphics support high-resolution screens.

Selectable controls

You can choose from two types of game control, to make the game as comfortable to play as possible. The options are touch control, and a virtual cursor pad control.

‘Treasure accessory’ system

The treasure you gain has special powers, and can be used during battle. When you use a piece of treasure as an accessory, you become able to use ‘EX Skills’.