Brett Wooley
Go Forth, Get Your Blade and Soul Founder's Pack
Cosmetics, costumes, coins, and character slots.
08.24.15 - 3:57 AM

Bust out the wallet, you Action-MMORPG fans. Blade & Soul is giving you Closed Beta access this fall with the purchase of a Founder's Pack. Access is available through the purchase of any pack, but different tiers give you special pre-release luxuries. According to the FAQ, there will be giveaways and random selections from those signed up to their Newsletter, but the Founder's Pack is the surefire way to get in. Here's a brief outline of what else you get:

  • Exclusive character titles
  • Premium in-game currency
  • Limited Premium membership (Exp & gold boosters, discounts in the auction house, etc)
  • 3-day head start before the release in Q1 2016
  • Name Reservation Slots BEFORE the head start
  • Vouchers to change your character's appearance after the game opens
  • Item booster packs

Also mentioned in the FAQ are possible invites to special "Technical Alpha tests" which are meant to test server performance. Not everyone is a fan of Founder's Packs, especially for games from larger companies. However, it's completely optional as the game will be F2P upon opening. "What the French is Blade & Soul?" Silly rabbit, check out our preview.