Brett Wooley
Japanese Convenience Store Gets Dragon Quest'd
But can the cashier save your game?
08.24.15 - 3:39 AM

In the morning of August 22nd, a Lawson in Chiyoda, Tokyo near Akihabara station received a Dragon Quest makeover! If you didn't already know, Lawson is a popular 24 hour walk-in convenience store in Japan. Printed graphics with popular Dragon Quest enemies will decorate the store, and customers even get slime themed bags with their purchases. You spend 500 yen, and you get a slime-shaped fan to use in case of necessary self-cooling. "Cooling," in this case, entails temperature regulation and/or adorable accessorization. Yes, I just made up that word.

Now Brett, I hear you saying, what could I spend 500 yen on? I'm glad you asked, curious resident of Japan! How about a Dragon Quest-themed mug or a slime-themed WebMoney card??

Did you forget that your mom asked for you to pick up some hot oden, rice balls, and asprin? (You're welcome) All of this "tanoshii kawairashi" is to promote the August 27th release of the Dragon Quest VIII remake on the 3DS. Buy it at Lawson and you get a sticker with a slime wearing a Lawson uniform. Take your copy to Lawson and you can use StreetPass to obtain an item in the game! IT NEVER ENDS!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to call the Marketing Director of Walgreens. Gotta work on my pitch for the Fallout 4-themed store.