Brett Wooley
Closed Beta Has Begun for Blade and Soul Mobile
A completely different game in a familiar world.
08.24.15 - 3:33 AM

On the 18th of August, publisher Tencent Games began closed beta testing in China for Blade and Soul Mobile. Graciously air-spinning off from the popular Action-MMORPG Blade and Soul, the mobile game is an active turn-based card combat game featuring a mix of hand drawn 2D art with quick 3D action sequences. The game was unveiled last November in Seoul at G-Star, and features artwork from artists like Hyung-Tae Kim (Magna Carta), and independent Korean artists such as 1000Marie, Lim Haksu, comiccho, among other great talent.

In the trailer we meet the protagonist: a young male warrior with a very positive attitude towards attractive fantasy women (no surprises there). Through a magic ring he given the power to summon the characters within the cards. The game features many of the usual F2P mobile elements, such as in-game currency, premium currency, energy, and community play events. Also, there is item/character card fusion, and even equip-able items on the characters (either in the deck or in your active party). The cards can grow and evolve into stronger versions of themselves, which equates to male characters looking stronger, and female characters losing more of their clothes. The mobile game incorporates many characters, items, and environments of the MMO, so those familiar with the lore may be interested in the change of visual style.

Blade and Soul Mobile is being developed by NCSoft on the Unity 3D engine, with a minimum hardware requirement of devices like the iPhone 4s or Galaxy S2. However, the beta is currently Android only. If you have access to the region, and you have a Level 45 B&S character, you can apply to be in the beta test. Apparently, you can still apply without the character, but through a different process. Participation in the beta also gives you access to Summer-themed costumes in Blade and Soul, which is what you secretly hoped for the entire time. I heard you talk about it, in your sleep.

Time will tell if we see Blade and Soul Mobile state-side.