Jesse Woo
There Will Be Two Types of Magic in Final Fantasy XV
Please look forward to it.
08.20.15 - 9:37 PM

In a recent interview with German media outlet Spieletester, Final Fantasy XV director Tabata Hajime described how the game was coming along. He talked about how King Regis had to be redesigned to better fit the story, although he did not go into greater detail for fear of spoiling too much.

King Regis redesign

He also talked about how magic will operate in the game. There are apparently two types, one of which only works with members of Lucis royalty like Noctis. More generally, magic is activated by special rings that, when worn, allow characters to manipulate elements in the environment. The magic system is about 60% complete and largely functional, but the team is still working on the visual effects. In an added tidbit, the dog featured in the Dawn trailer is apparently not just for show; it serves as the messenger for one of the characters.

Final Fantasy XV is currently in development for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.