David Brown
New Stella Glow Trailer Shows Off English Version of its Theme Song
For those of us not fluent in poetic Japanese.
08.20.15 - 4:16 PM

Recipients of the Atlus Faithful newsletter received a special treat this week in the form of 2 new Stella Glow trailers. The first new trailer plays the theme song of the game in English for the very first time. Check it out below.

The name of the song is "Hikari no Metamorphosis," written by Konomi Suzuki. Atlus specially contracted Suzuki to specially record the song in English foe this introductory video. The song is will also be able to be heard in its original Japanese with the Western release.

The second new trailer details the "Witch Tuning" mechanic, whereby players resolve the emotional turmoil inside their witch companion. In order to tune a witch, players must strengthen their emotional bonds with them through dialogue choices that occur between missions. Be warned, the video is not quite NSFW but may draw some odd looks from co-workers.

Stella Glow will be released for the Nintendo 3DS during the holiday season of 2015. It will be priced at $59.99