Scott Clay
Breath of Fire 6 Shows Off Its Version of Ryu
Surprise, surprise you don't even get to play as him.
08.18.15 - 8:18 PM

The Breath of Fire series has always been pretty recognizable for its reoccurring themes, locations, and characters, all of which add to the charm of the series. This could be no more true then in the hero and protagonist of each game, Ryu. Thanks to the official website we now have the first information on Breath of Fire 6's version of Ryu. The mold is changing this time around for better or worse, as Ryu is no longer the main protagonist of the game. Instead, Ryu will be playing the role of the protagonist's older brother.

Breath of Fire 6 Ryu

Ryu is also Dragneel Village's current mayor. He is revered by the townsfolk as the village's greatest mayor of all time. He is apparently without any faults, and plays the part of overbearing older brother to the protagonist to a tee. When the Empire attacks however, Ryu goes missing prompting the protagonist to take action.

Breath of Fire 6 is scheduled for release in Japan sometime this year on Android and iPhone. No western release has been announced as of yet.