Stephen Meyerink
Retro Encounter 4-1: The Last Story
That's a weird way to say Lost Odyssey.
08.18.15 - 3:00 PM

Late but still full of love, the Retro crew returns with what I told them should have been Lost Odyssey but is in fact Mistwalker's other big RPG of the era, The Last Story! Listen to glorious Uematsu music as the team hashes out this fascinating fusion of styles in Retro Encounter 4-1!

Retro Encounter 4-1: The Last Story

Join our motley crew of quick-witted editors as we adventure through the island of Lazulis in this month's Retro Encounter game, The Last Story! In this episode, we discuss our thoughts on the combat, the "lonely" narrator, invisible dyes, Zael forgetting the beer, cartoony trap doors, Cat Ganondorf, Sterling Archer, and other interesting topics.

Featuring: Josh Curry, Michael Sollosi, Davi Tesnovich, Marcos Gaspar