David Brown
Divinity: Original Sin II Is Becoming a Reality Through Kickstarter
As Samuel L. Jackson once mused, "Hold on to your butts."
08.15.15 - 9:48 PM

Larian Studios, the people behind Divinity: Original Sin, have announced their plans for Divinity: Original Sin II. They have also revealed they are going through Kickstarter to achieve their vision.

divinity original sin II

Most fans of the game will already know that Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition is coming to PC and consoles later this year. The reveal of the sequel comes on the heels of this announcement, and Larian Studios is calling Divinity: Original Sin II their "most ambitious RPG to date."

The Kickstarter campaign will start on August 26th, but the team at Larian Studios is already working on a playable demo they plan to show at PAX Prime at the end of the month. They go into more detail on the sequel in their blog with this post:

Divinity: Original Sin 2 builds further on the foundations we’ve been laying with Divinity: Original Sin (D: OS), and Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition (D: OS EE). For us, this allows for an unprecedented focus on the gameplay. We won’t be “losing time” building the elementary systems that typically take up more than 60% of our development time. Instead, we can start building the world immediately and try out all kinds of things.

That also means we have much more room for fine-tuning. If we can convince our players to help us, then that should allow us to make a real diamond. When we made D: OS, we did a lot of experimentation with systems, constantly improving them and offering them to our players for feedback. I believe it was a shining example of the power of early access, which both provides a developer with feedback as well as the funding to integrate that feedback. It was also the best development process I’d ever seen.

Now that news about D:OS 2 is in the open, I can also talk a bit about the commercial reasoning behind making D:OS EE. By now, the investment we did in D:OS EE is beyond what most would consider reasonable, both financially and in terms of time we’ve been putting in. But, other than allowing us to perfect the game which I think always make commercial sense, the work that is being done on D:OS EE would in any case still have had to be done for D:OS 2. So it’s not as if we haven’t been moving forward. On the contrary, all the money we’re investing in D:OS EE is also investment in the tech that’s powering D:OS 2. And the tech can do a lot.

Put simply, if you were to compare what we’re doing to what Bioware did back in the day with Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate 2, D:OS 2 is to be our Baldur's Gate 2 — building further on our equivalent of Baldur’s Gate; D:OS.

If you think you're happy about this news, but haven't played the original so really have no idea, check out Kyle's review, and let him help you decide.