Josh Curry
Sony Trademarks Two PS2 Games in Japan
Is this for a rerelease or a remaster?
08.15.15 - 9:23 PM

Sony has registered new trademarks at the Japanese Patent and Trademark Office for two PS2 games. The trademarks were filed under the 9 class which is used to trademark video games.

The first trademark is for Baku to Maou, also known as Okage: Shadow King. In it, you take the role of 16-year-old boy who is enslaved by Satan to fulfill his quest to save his sister from a ghost's curse.

The second trademark is for Hajimari no Boken, also known as Popolocrois: Adventure of Beginnings. The strategy RPG was the fourth game released in the Popolocrois series.

The only question now is whether these trademarks are with the intent to revive the classic games through a remaster or just a rerelease.