Mike Salbato
Hands-On With Blood Gate: Age of Alchemy
Making "freemium" sound less like a four-letter word.
08.13.15 - 8:28 PM

It's been a pretty interesting year for DeNA. While the company has yet to reveal what may be its biggest titles ever - those collaborative mobile games with Nintendo - they have released a steady stream of noteworthy mobile games, such as Final Fantasy: Record Keeper.

Their latest, Blood Gate: Age of Alchemy, comes from New Zealand developer Outsmart, and is, as our own Jesse Woo puts it, "a unique combination of Puzzle Fighter combat mechanics and Diablo-esque loot-farming." DeNA was gracious enough to show us title ahead of its launch - which is today, by the way - so give Jesse's full hands-on preview a read to see if this is the mobile game for you!

Blood Gate: Age of Alchemy is free to download, and available now on both the iOS App Store and Google Play. Check out the launch trailer below: