Mike Salbato
Erin Fitzgerald Interview
The voice actress talks to us about her many, many roles!
08.13.15 - 2:26 AM

Without promising too many things, we're in the midst of trying to bring you, dear reader, some content that we haven't had before. Longtime reviewer and editor Neal Chandran, now also a certified, official voice-over professional, is working on what we hope to be a series of discussions with many of the RPG industry's voice talents.

The first fruits of Neal's labor have given us an interview with the awesome Erin Fitzgerald. Maybe you know her name, maybe you don't, but as a reader of this site, I promise you know some of the games she's acted in, and have likely played some of them - Bravely Default, Virtue's Last Reward, and Dragon's Crown are but a few of her appearances. Around here, she's perhaps most well-known as the (new) voice of Persona 4 Golden's Chie Satonaka.

So definitely give the interview a read, and let any of us - or Neal directly both what you think, and what other voice actors you'd want to see featured on RPGFan!