David Brown
Omega Labyrinth, a New RPG Roguelike, is Heading for PS Vita
This game combines two of my favorite things: RPGs and...Roguelikes. What did you think I was going to say, sicko?
08.11.15 - 3:47 AM

D3 Publisher, a gaming company with a prolific record of both gaming franchises and original IPs, has unveiled a new game called Omega Labyrinth.

omega labyrinth

The new game was announced through its brand new website. The website description baits the hook with "Embark on a chest-expanding adventure. A new roguelike RPG of wondrous chest sizes begins."

Omega Labyrinth will be released for the PlayStation Vita on November 19th in Japan. It will cost 6,800 yen ($54 USD/49) to buy the physical copy of the game, or you could download it for 6,000 yen ($48 USD/44). More details will be coming in this week's edition of Dengeki PlayStation, and if I had to take a wild guess, I'd say there's going to be lots of pictures.