Mike Salbato
Final Fantasy XV's Malboro is Appropriately Hideous
New trailer also gives us a look at some new locales.
08.09.15 - 4:38 PM

We have a small but interesting batch of media today for Square Enix's Final Fantasy XV, showing off some drastically different things than we're used to seeing.

First, we have a batch of new screenshots from last week's "Dawn" trailer, giving us a glimpse into the story, 15 years prior to current events. But we also have this new "malboro" trailer that you should watch, like, now:

By now, we're all used to seeing the areas from the FFXV: Episode Duscae demo and a couple others, so it's nice to finally get a glimpse of a new area. Despite Square Enix branding the trailer as being about the malboro, it's the scenery that's possibly the most interesting. The mix of nature intertwined with now-unused, rusting technology and man-made structures, all set in a terrain that's very rough and more "vertical" than we've seen so far creates an environment that looks like it'll be fun to explore.

Also, yes, a big, giant, game-ending malboro is also cool to see. I have a feeling these things will be hard to take down without getting breathed on.

Final Fantasy XV is coming to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, possibly in 2016. We may have a more solid release date after PAX Prime at the end of this month.