David Brown
Feast Your Eyes Upon the New Grand Kingdom Trailer
The Grandest trailer of them all.
08.09.15 - 3:05 PM

Grand Kingdom, one of the newer RPGs coming from Spike Chunsoft and MonoChro, will be celebrating its release in a couple of months and, as game developers tend to do, they have released another trailer. The third official trailer for Grand Kingdom shows off new characters (good and evil), battle systems, and some new monsters. Check it out below.

In Grand Kingdom, players raise and continuously build their army to take on quests as well as fight other players online. As far as the story goes, there will be four major world powers in constant struggle and it will be up to the player to make the calculated decision to side with one of the these powers or go and carve out a cozy piece of the world for themselves.

Grand Kingdom is being released in Japan on October 22nd and will be available for the PlayStation 4 and Vita.