Jesse Woo
New Disgaea 5 Media and Details
They are dis-believable!
08.07.15 - 5:43 PM

NIS America has released a plethora of new media and details on Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance. First are some videos and profiles of major characters, both ally and enemy. The allied characters are Killia, the protagonist, and Seraphina, another Overlord. The enemy is Majorita, one of the Demon Generals who serves Void Dark. She specializes in using zombies, as demonstrated by her Necro Wave skill. Check out the videos below.

Another new foe is Bloodis, the leader of the Lost Army and right hand man to Void Dark, who is said to be second in power only to the dark lord.

Disgaea 5 Bloodis

The game's official website also includes fun extras like some twitter icons under the "Special" category.

NIS America also has details on some generic character classes as well.

Generic characters include:

  • Archer: A kindhearted Netherworld hunter. She provides cover fire for her allies. Weapon of choice: bow. [Evility] Supporting Attack (Attacks an enemy unit within range when an ally unit attacks it.)
  • Lady Samurai: A maiden with a demon-exorcised sword. She specializes in fighting fiar. Weapon of choice: Sword. [Evility] Bushido (Increases damage dealt by 50% when attacking a single unit.)
  • Ninja: A calm assassin who lives in the shadows. He is adept at evading attacks. Weapon of choice: Fist, Sword, Staff. [Evility] Mirage (Increases evasion rate by 50% when attacked from an adjacent panel.)
  • Armor Knight: A soldier with an impenetrable defense. She protects allies with her superior defense. Weapon of choice: Spear. [Evility] Hero's Shield (When defending, protects ally units from attacks.)
  • Gunner: A gunslinger with lethal speed. He specialized in teaming up with allies. Weapon of choice: Gun. [Evility] Assist (After attacking, gives subsequent ally units 100% accuracy.)

Regarding new systems, we have already covered many like the Curry Shop, Nether Research Squad, but they are not the only new tricks Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance brings to the table. For example, the Item World will have new ways to power up items beside collecting Innocents. They special rooms where you power items by meeting certain conditions:

  • [Raiding an Alternate Netherworld] Repel another Netherworld party that appears.
  • [Symbol] Destroy an item shaped symbol.
  • [Mystery Room] A room where you either face a powerful enemy or purchase a special item.
  • [Bonus Unit] Unit you can acquire by meeting specific requirements.
  • [Innocent] defeat and subdue Innocent-marked inhabitants.

There will also be a Netherworld Editor that will allow you to create custom Netherworld effects that will override the effects of the current world. You can share these Netherworlds with others as well.

Finally, NIS has plans for 5 DLC packs featuring content from past Disgaea games and even La Pucelle. Purchasing all 5 packs or the season pass will net you Pleinair from Disgaea 4 as well.

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance is out in Japan on PlayStation 4 systems and comes to North America on October 6th and to Europe October 9th of this year.