Liz Maas
Spike Chunsoft and tri-Ace Are Teasing A New RPG
With new hints and names being dropped every day.
07.26.15 - 8:46 PM

We mentioned last week that Spike Chunsoft is due to announce a new title. As it turns out, they and fellow Japanese developer tri-Ace recently opened a new teaser website for an as-yet unannounced RPG... with a bit of a twist. Every day. new hints are dropped on the countdown site, so far in the form of prolific staff names. Currently, we know the game will have a 'side view,' that the scenario is written by tri-Ace founder Masaki Norimoto (Valkyrie Profile), and that the composer will be Motoi Sakuraba (Tales, Valkyrie Profile and Star Ocean series). As well, Mino Taro (Love Plus) is working on character designs.

As of this writing, the next reveal is 15 hours away, and the game will be unveiled in this week's Famitsu.