Stephen Meyerink
Retro Encounter 3-2: Final Fantasy Tactics
Life is short... BURY (your L I T T L E M O N E Y)
07.25.15 - 3:07 PM

If you don't understand the subheadline, fear not-- it just means you're a bad person! Fortunately, you can rectify the situation by listening to the latest Retro Encounter, as the team continues their adventures in Ivalice. This one's a doozy at nearly two hours, which is exactly 498 hours too few for a game as amazing as Final Fantasy Tactics

Listen on!

Retro Encounter 3-2: Final Fantasy Tactics
The intrepid crew of Retro Encounter continues their mission to explore the land of Ivalice, to seek out new alliances and new job classes, and boldly go where no Squire has gone before. In this episode, we talk about the Zodiac Stones and what they add to (or detract from) the main plot, why Chocobos breed like... well, like Chocobos, and get a live reaction to one of the more infamous portions of the game.

Featuring: Josh Curry, Peter Triezenberg, Caitlin Argyros, Marcos Gaspar