Jesse Woo
Take on Some Super Secret Guest Bosses in Rise of Mana
Three of them, to be exact...
07.23.15 - 4:33 AM

The PS Vita's Rise of Mana is getting a quest event in Japan featuring three very special guest bosses. They are the three protagonists from the SNES classic Secret of Mana: Randi (the boy), Primm (the girl), and Popoi (the sprite). Defeating the trio will earn you the Defender sword, but that isn't their only role in the game.

Rise of Mana Guest Boss Secret of Mana

Each character also appears as an SR ranked pet in the magic stone shop that you can purchase using mana fragments.

Secret of Mana Special Quest

The new quest for Rise of Mana comes out in Japan on July 22nd on the PS Vita. No Western release has been announced for the quest or main game.