Josh Curry
Regalia - Of Sons and Monarchs Confirmed for PS4 and Vita
Once again, everybody wins because of Kickstarter.
07.16.15 - 10:54 PM

After already hitting its funding goal, Regalia - Of Sons and Monarchs has reached a stretch goal that will send the Japanese-style strategy-RPG to release on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in 2016.

Those who pledged $25 or more for the Kickstarter will receive a digital version of the game for either the PlayStation 4 or Vita, as well as a copy of the PC version.

In Regalia - Of Sons and Monarchs you participate in turn-based dungeon battles while attempting to restore your family’s kingdom to its former glory through meeting with factions, city building and conversing with NPCs to unlock new features over the course of two years of in-game time.