Jesse Woo
New NIS JRPG The Hero Must Die. Will Be PS Vita Exclusive
Yes, the period is part of the title.
07.12.15 - 11:24 PM

The recently teased new Nippon Ichi Software title has been revealed to be a PS Vita exclusive called Yuusha Shisu., which translates as The Hero Must Die. The game is a remake of a 2007 mobile title and will sport new graphics and gameplay. In it, the hero has defeated the demon king but died himself in the process. The problem is that the world is still under threat, so the gods give him five more days to live but return him to level one.

hero must die. screenshot

With his literal second lease on life, the hero must try to save the world, making various choices that will effect the game's ending. His interactions with different heroines like the angel Urea or the princess Flora will also influence the game's ultimate outcome.

The Hero Must Die. comes out in Japan on the PS Vita February 15th, 2016.