Jesse Woo
New Hyperdimension Neptunia Game Will Have Dual Protagonists
And the longest title ever.
07.12.15 - 10:55 PM

The latest in Compile Heart's prolific Hyperdimension Neptunia series is called Hyperdimension War Neptunia VS Sega Hard Girls: Dream Fusion Special and will follow two protagonists on a grand adventure. Dengeki Online has released the first details as well as some screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

Hyperdimension Neptunia IF Chan Hyperdimension Neptunia Sega Hatsumi


A grand library that governs all of this world’s history.

If the history books stored there are tampered with, it is said that it is possible to rewrite actual history.

IF, with a certain goal in mind and after a long journey, finally sets foot within the grand library.

However, within that library, an incident occurs and the history books begin to disappear one after the other.

The disappearance of the history books means a loss of real history.

Before her very eyes, history is being lost, and then, the world.

To resolve this incident, IF must journey across space and time on a new adventure.


IF (voiced by Kana Ueda)

The game’s protagonist. She’s an adventurer who travels around the world with her trusty motorcycle just trying to find a bit of fun and a brighter future in a modern age where civilization has fallen. She’s diligent, cool, and level-headed, as well as the group peacemaker, but her only flaw is that she suffers a little bit from chuunibyou syndrome.

Sega Hatsumi (voiced by Emi Nitta)

An unidentifiable girl who lost her memory. She goes by Segami, or Segamin. Although she doesn’t remember anything outside her own name, for some reason she shows an uncommon tenacity in changing the history of the conflict between the goddesses and Sega Hard Girls. Although she has the spirit of a leader and is charismatic, she occasionally doesn’t listen to others when they talk, and bewilders her friends with ideas out of left field.

The game has no official release date, but you can check out the teaser site in the links below.