Stephen Meyerink
Retro Encounter 3-1: Final Fantasy Tactics
Don't blame me, blame yourself because The War of the Lions translation is better.
07.12.15 - 6:06 PM

The Retro crew returns, finally almost caught up to our regular schedule! While I'm not personally on the show, a particularly savvy crew of excellent folks is here to shepherd you through the dangerous War of the Lions. I'm of course talking about Final Fantasy Tactics, one of my top two all-time favorite games in the series. Check out episode 3-1 and play along!

I should note, the team did have some Fourth of July-related technical issues stemming from internet troubles and fireworks, so please be aware there are a few rough audio patches here. Sorry about that!

Retro Encounter 3-1: Final Fantasy Tactics

Join the Retro Crew as we talk about how amazing Final Fantasy Tactics is! Discussion revolves around our history with the game, how intimidating it is for new players, the best job classes and the differences between the original and War of the Lions versions,

It is important to note that with the Fourth of July firework festivities and a myriad of Internet issues, parts of the recording suffer from technical difficulties. Those worried about listening to an entertaining podcast should proceed with caution.

Featuring: Josh Curry, Peter Triezenberg, Caitlin Argyros, Marcos Gaspar