David Brown
Level Scaling is (Finally) Coming to Bloodborne
Frustration and victory know no level gap.
07.10.15 - 9:16 PM

Sony recently revealed that patch 1.5 for Bloodborne will be going live Staring July 12th and completing July 13th. The patch brings a few interesting changes, mostly in an attempt to make the online co-op matching easier. With the new patch, if you are using a password with a Beckoning Bell or Small Resonant Bell, it will ensure that you are well-aware of the password in use. Other smaller matching bugs will be fixed as well, but undoubtedly the most important change will be level scaling. If a player is trying to match up with a buddy using a password and the two hunters are vastly different in level, the guest will be scaled to match the stats of the host.

bloodborne patch

Here's a schedule of when you can expect the patch to be coming your way:

02:00 07:00 (EDT)
01:00 06:00 (CDT)
00:00 05:00 (MDT)
06:00 11:00 (GMT)

23:00 04:00 (PDT)

Happy slaughtering, hunters.