Josh Curry
Seraph of the End Announced for PS Vita
Will be a dramatic tactics RPG, whatever that means.
07.08.15 - 6:33 PM

Bandai Namco has revealed in the latest issue of Jump SQ that they are working on a "dramatic tactics RPG" based on the manga and anime Seraph of the End for the PlayStation Vita.

For those of you unfamiliar with Seraph of the End, their wiki provides the following plot summary:

"Years ago, a lethal virus spread across the world, wiping out most of humanity and allowing vampires to enslave the human race. From there, Yuchiro Hyakuya and his fellow orphans at the Hyakuya orphanage are treated as livestock, only being allowed to live for their blood. Desperate for freedom, Yuichiro and his best friend Mikaela hatch a plan to escape with their family to the outside world, hopefully free from vampires - only for their attempts to end in tragedy. As the only one to make it out alive, Yuichiro allies himself with the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, Japan's only hope against the vampires, in order to avenge his fallen friends."

Although the release date and pricing have not been announced, we do know the game will be called Seraph of the End: The Origin of Fate.

Seraph of the End Announced