Jesse Woo
Sail the Sacred Midgand Kingdom in Tales of Berseria
07.07.15 - 1:55 AM

Bandai Namco has released the first details and screenshots for the latest Tales game, Tales of Berseria. The information describes the world as well as the protagonist Velvet. The sea-faring setting has been raising excitement at the prospect of a pirate-themed Tales game. Check out the description below:

Story Setting

Tales of Berseria is set in the Midgand Sacred Kingdom, a large power across the ocean that reigns over the continent.

Its vast lands and countless islands are organized into jurisdictions known as “territories.”

Even within the same kingdom, there is an extreme difference in temperature between the north and south, as well as great climate differences depending on the land.

The changes in climate also influence the culture, including different building structures and way of living depending on the territory.

In recent years, the world has been getting colder, especially the northern region which is getting buried in snow.

The Midgand Sacred Kingdom is a world where ship building and the art of sailing have advanced, and trade is actively carried out throughout various locations.

Because ocean currents and weather changes can be violent, trade ships use a specific route, and pirates aiming to steel their cargo appear frequently.

From snow-filled cities to summer islands, autumn leaves, and the setting sun, the diversity of situations have increased compared to previous entries in the series.


  • Name: Velvet
  • Sex: Female
  • Height: 170cm
  • Age: 19
  • Voice actor: Rina Sato

In the past, she had a plain and good humored personality, and was a girl rich in sensitivity and love for her family. However, she changed entirely in the wake of a certain incident that occurred three years ago.

Her smile is now almost eliminated, and she instead harbors the cold feelings known as anger and hatred.

With her original kindness suppressed, and her unexpectedly cold-hearted passion burning bright, she will soon become an existence that greatly shakes the world.

Tales of Berseria is in development for PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3. Could this be the first Tales game about climate change? We will bring you more information as it breaks.