Jesse Woo
Fire Emblem Fates Sales Numbers Favor White Kingdom
Turns out targeting a casual audience is good for business.
07.07.15 - 1:51 AM

Fire Emblem Fates has many firsts for the long running series, not the least of which was the multiple versions of the storyline. Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright (previously called White Kingdom) is supposed to be the easier of the two; battles are more straightforward and players can grind for experience. Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest (previously called Black Kingdom) is the more challenging and traditional Fire Emblem experience. Now, like a controlled science experiment, we can compare the two versions based on their sales numbers thanks to the Japanese sales tracker Media Creates.

As it turns out, Japanese sales numbers favored the game with broader appeal by almost 50 percent: Birthright has sold approximately 154,000 units so far compared to Conquest's 107,000 units. The limited edition copy contained both versions sold nearly 43,000 units, putting combined sales at nearly 304,000 units in the first week. These figures do not factor in digital copies, however, so the overall number is likely even higher.