Stephen Meyerink
RPGFan Music: Valdis Story: Dark Side of the Abyss OST Review
I peered into the Abyss of E3 and discovered more music!
07.03.15 - 2:39 PM

We live! I've found myself suddenly awash in "stuff to do," and with E3 finally in the rear-view mirror, I'm approaching some semblance of "having time." Therefore, RPGFan Music returns!

Today's review follows up on one of my personal favorite OSTs from 2013, Valdis Story: Abyssal City, courtesy of Zack Parrish. The game recently saw a major content update (which you can also read about here at RPGFan), and with new game stuff of course comes new music, Dark Side of the Abyss! Resident Valdis expert Davi Tesnovich picks up his pen once more to weigh in Parrish's latest work. Check out the review and samples below!