Kyle E. Miller
E3 2015: Armikrog Spiritually Suceeds Classic Adventure Game X
Claymation, the game.
07.03.15 - 3:42 AM

Armikrog, a new adventure game fully modeled with clay, was playable (sort of) on the E3 show floor this year. Unfortunately, the current build is a bit buggy, and switching characters didn't always work as it should. The game features two protagonists: a strange looking human(?) named Tommynaut and the adorable talking dog Beak-Beak. Even though the puzzles and narrative have the potential to be amusing, Armikrog might be worth playing for the claymation aesthetic alone.


The bit I played featured some pretty vague puzzles, some of which involved switching between characters. The dog had to stand on a platform to unlock a door, for example, but then in the room that followed it seemed I needed the dog again to go through a crack in the wall. That's about when I gave up, but at least it's fun to look at! At least I found a hint, delivered by some kind of holographic wise man.

Armikrog is being developed by the creator of The Neverhood adventure games, Doug TenNapel, in conjunction with The Pencil Test for PC and Mac. Doug also created Earthworm Jim, and Armikrog looks like a whimsical and surreal adventure in the same tradition. I look forward to the final, fully playable version.