Jesse Woo
Summon Night 5 Special Edition Comes with Lots of Goodies
If they can get 6000 pledges.
07.01.15 - 6:44 PM

Gaijinworks has been heavily promoting the special edition of its upcoming Western release for Summon Night 5 because the economics of a physical copy will only work with a high volume of sales. Therefore they are requiring 6000 pledges on their website before they will release the special edition. They have now released all the details to entice you to make that pledge.

Current plans call for each physical copy to include contents that have all but disappeared from video game packaging in 2015, including a full-color manual, a multi-sided case insert, a full-color UMD label, one of two giant 19″ x 14″ posters and a serial numbered hologram on the back of the game box. Those who purchase a physical copy will also be given a code to download the full Summon Night 5 game via the PlayStation Network (a necessary option for play on the PS Vita, which has no UMD drive).

Summon Knight Limited Edition

Whether you want a physical copy or not, Summon Night 5 comes Westward this Fall.