Scott Clay
Tokyo Xanadu Character Updates
JRPGs are not complete without an idol group.
06.29.15 - 7:30 PM

Falcom has released a steady stream of new information on the characters for its upcoming PlayStation Vita RPG, Tokyo Xanadu. This time around we get new information on the 7th playable character in the game, Rion, as well as members of her idol group SPiKA. Of course we can't forget the supporting characters that will play a large part in the story as well, and so we have introductions for Shiori Kurashiki, Ryouta Ibuki, Jun Kohinata, Towa Kokonoe, and Sousuke Kokonoe.

Tokyo Xanadu Rion Kugayama

Rion Kugayama, the 7th playable character in the game, is a member of the idol group SPiKA, who all attend the same high school as the protagonist Kou. Rion is 17 years old, and thanks to her idol status is extremely popular in her school. She is also a talented singer, and despite appearances is a hard worker who hates to lose. She puts on her idol act around most people, but once the have seen her true personality she acts defiantly towards them.

Her Soul Device is a pair of wings on her back, and she uses them to great effect in battle. Her abilities in battle are as followed:

  • Standard Attack Rion rotates her body to generate shock waves to hit enemies in front of her. Though continuous attacks you can generate a lighting strike as a finishing attack.
  • Shooting Skill: Brilliant Ray Rion fires a high speed laser forward from the tip of her wings. If you are locked on to an enemy the lasers change into homing lasers for concentrated fire.
  • Flight Skill: Sonic Wing As expected of a character with wings on her back she expands them to give her flight. She generates a small shock wave from her back while flying to give her increased speed.
  • Strength Skill: Slyphy Cyclone By flapping her wings, Rion can create large tornadoes the will engulf enemies. If used at close range it will hit multiple times to do large damage.
  • Cross Drive: Serpahim Hearts Rion expands her soul device to run though and around enemies at extreme speeds. She then sends out countless homing lasers from the tip of her wings to rain death upon her enemies.

The other members of SPiKA include Haruna Tendou, Reika Kisaragi, Wakaba Yuzuki, and Akira Nanase. Together they are a charming group of girls with the ability to sing and dance with the best of them. The group started with only just Haruna, Reika, and Rion, but they have since added Wakaba and Akira to increase their popularity.

Tokyo Xanadu Shiori Kurashiki

Next up we have Kou's 3 close friends, Shiori Kurashiki, Ryouta Ibuki, and Jun Kohinata. Shiori Kurashiki is Kou's neighbor, classmate, and childhood friend. She has a good heart and worries about Kou who has just started living on his own. She can often act very motherly toward him. She had a normal life, until she gets caught up with the incident involving the Other World.

Tokyo Xanadu Ryouta Ibuki

Ryouta Ibuki is Kou's friend from elementary school and good friends with Shiori. He dreams of an awesome school life with a cute girlfriend, and it thus far it has eluded him. He is part of the kendo club, but often skips to hang out with his friends. He has a non-serious personality, but often worries about his lack of a girlfriend.

Tokyo Xanadu Jun Kohinata

Jun Kohinata is another of Kou's classmates and friends. He met and befriended Kou and Ryouta during their first year in high school. Jun is a bit timid, but is not afraid to speak his mind. The ladies often seem to love talking to him mostly because he is easily mistaken for a girl himself.

The last two new supporting characters are Towa and Sosuke Kokonoe, who are Kou's cousin and grandfather, respectively.

Tokyo Xanadu Towa Kokonoe

Towa Kkonoe is 23 years old, and has recently gotten a new job as a math teacher at Kou's high school. Even though she is new, she has been entrusted with a class of second year students, serves as a committee advisory, and is a grade chief counselor. Thanks to her extraordinary abilities, the school has put a lot of trust in her. While not at work she helps her grandfather Sosuke as a shrine maiden at the Kokonoe Shrine. She also teaches Kokone-style jujitsu at the dojo.

Tokyo Xanadu Sosuke Kokonoe

Sosuke Kokonoe is Kou and Towa's grandfather. He comes off as a strict person, but can be very playful as well. He is the head of the family Kokonoe-style jujitsu, and is a proven martial artist. Prior to Kou's admission to high school, he taught his grandson martial arts. He loves both his grandchildren equally, despite often praising Towa and coming down hard on Kou.

Tokyo Xanadu is due out for PlayStation Vita in Japan on September 30th. A Western release has yet to be announced.