Jesse Woo
Romance and Children Will Return in Fire Emblem Fates
06.25.15 - 10:44 AM

Pairing characters through the support system and creating romance has long been a Fire Emblem staple, but Fire Emblem Awakening took the system even further by having those couplings spawn children as playable characters. That system will return in the latest game, Fire Emblem Fates, where characters who achieve an S-ranked support pairing will get married and have children.

In a magazine scan, we see that the maid Felicia gives birth to a daughter named Kanna with the protagonist, Tsukuyomi and Orochi have a child named Shara. The child's physical characteristics will depend on the parents, so Shara inherits her mother's hair color.

Fire Emblem Fates Marriage Children

Fire Emblem Fates is out now in Japan and comes to the West in 2016 on 3DS systems.