Liz Maas
Suikoden III To Become a PlayStation 2 Classic
And it's happening today!
06.23.15 - 6:38 PM

Suikoden fans with PlayStation 3s rejoice - you've got another one to add to the collection. Later today when the PlayStation Store updates, Suikoden III will be available as a PS2 Classic. No price was given, and the release came as a surprise to everyone when it showed up just yesterday on the PlayStation Blog's The Drop.

Suikoden III Becomes a PS2 Classic

Suikoden III follows the three kingdoms Hexen, Harmonia and the Grasslands, along with their tense history and relationships with each other. Players navigate their way through a story of war and treachery by switching between the perspectives of Chris, Geddoe and Hugo, in turn-based strategy combat and with over 100 characters at this disposal.