Scott Clay
E3 2015: Fire Emblem Fates' Classes Revealed
Exclusive classes for each version.
06.18.15 - 11:22 PM

By now I am sure you know that Fire Emblem Fates will be split into two versions, the White Kingdom and Black Kingdom. However, it was revealed today that not only will the two versions have different stories and characters, but they will also have exclusive classes. The next two videos go over what classes which version will get, and we have a few lists with descriptions of each class.

In the video above we get a look at the classes that will be available in the Black Kingdom version. The starting classes for this version, in the order they appear are:

  • Dark Prince/Princess: Royalty imbued with the power of a dragon.

  • Cavalier: Horse-mounted units that fight with swords and spears.

  • Knight: Heavy armored foot-soldiers.

  • Fighter: Axe-wielding units with high HP and strength, but low defense.

  • Mercenary: A balanced fighter.

  • Thief: A high speed unit that uses bows. They also have excellent magic defense.

  • Wyvern Rider: Wyvern-mounted units with high strength and defense.

  • Dark Mage: Mages that use dark magic.

  • Rod Knight: Staff-users that don’t have much fighting powers, but support allies using a staff.

  • Garu: A werewolf class that excels ins strength and speed.

The advanced Black Kingdom classes in the order they appear are:

  • Paladin: A Cavalier with better stats.

  • Great Knight: Heavy-armored units that use swords, axes, and spears.

  • General: Heavy-armored units with excellent defense.

  • Berserker: Axe-wielding units that deal high damage.

  • Brave Hero: Heroes that can use swords and axes accordingly.

  • Bow Knight: Mounted bow users, but also have access to swords.

  • Adventurer: A unique class with long-ranged versatility using bows and staves.

  • Wyvern Lord: A Wyvern Rider with better stats that use axes and spears.

  • Revenant Knight: Magic Wyvern mounted unit that can use magic and axes.

  • Sorcerer: A Dark Mage with better stats.

  • Dark Knight: Magic-using soldiers that fight with swords and magic.

  • Tactician: A horse mounted mage.

  • Butler/Maid: Fight for their masters using staves and hidden weapons.

  • Managarmr: A higher class Garu with better stats.

  • Dark Blood: Royalty who are one with the heart of the dark night. They fight using swords, Dragon Stones, and magic.

In this next video, we have the classes for the White Kingdom version. The starting classes for this version, in the order they appear are:

  • Samurai: Fighters that specialize in fighting with sword and speed.

  • Kijin: Units that fight with clubs with high strength and defense.

  • Spear Warrior: Units that specialize in breaking enemy defenses.

  • Hexers: Use spells called “Hexes” to fight enemies.

  • Tempest/Shrine Maiden: Units that use the power of prayers to support allies.

  • Pegasus Warrior: Pegasus mounted units with high speed and magic defense.

  • Archer: Warriors that use bows in battle.

  • Ninja: Units that fight from the shadows. They attack enemies using daggers and specialize in debuffing techniques.

  • Mythological Fox: Fox-based units with high speed and magic defense.

  • Villager: Normal townsfolk that fight using naginata.

The advanced White Kingdom classes in the order they appear are:

  • Master Swordsman: Samurai fighters with better stats, that excel in speed and evasion.

  • Asura: Higher class Kijin that can also use hexes.

  • Strategist: Units with the ability to wield katanas, halberds, and clubs.

  • Blacksmith: Weapon makers with the ability to use katanas and clubs.

  • Spear Master: Spear units with highly balanced stats.

  • Basara: An advanced unit that excels with halberds and hexes.

  • Onmyoji: Units that use and excel at various spells such as hexes to take out enemies and can heal allies.

  • Monk: An advanced class that can heal allies, and can also fight enemies using their halberds.

  • War Maiden: Advanced Shrine Maiden classes that can heal allies, and use bows to attack enemies from a distance.

  • Master Pegasus Warrior: Higher class Pegasus Warrior with better stats.

  • Kinshimusha: Units that mount the legendary bird, the golden kite, and fight using a halberd or bow.

  • Master Archer: Advanced archers that specialize in accuracy and critical hits.

  • High Ninja: A ninja that has better stats and can use swords.

  • Ventriloquist: Units that use puppets, and fight using dirks and bows.

  • Nine-Tailed Fox: A Mythological Fox unit with more spiritual energy and higher stats.

  • The White Blooded: Royalty who are One with the heart of the white night. They fight using swords, Dragon Stones, and magic.

During the Nintendo Treehouse event at E3, we also got a look at 30 minutes worth of gameplay from Fire Emblem Fates. Check it out below.

Fire Emblem Fates is due out sometime in 2016 for the Nintendo 3DS.