Scott Clay
The Great Ace Attorney Gets New Character Details
The hero, the heroine, and the villain.
06.14.15 - 9:31 AM

Ace Attorney creator Shu Takumi recently released 3 new videos with details on the new main characters of The Great Ace Attorney. The videos go into details on the protagonist Ryunosuke Naruhodo, the heroine Susato Mikotoba, and the main antagonist prosecutor Baroque Vanzieks. You can check out all three videos, and a brief rundown on each below.

Takumi explains that at the start of The Great Ace Attorney, Ryunosuke is not yet an attorney, but a university student. An incident occurs not to long after the start of the game that fuels Ryunosuke's drive to become an attorney. Ryunosuke's design came pretty quickly to Takumi, dressing him up as a university student was an easy choice, but his hairstyle is where a tough decision had to be made. The game is set in the Meiji Period of Japan when many haircuts were very simple, but Takumi wanted Ryunosuke's silhouette to stand out, so his hairstyle has a bit more flair to it.

His name was chosen very quickly as Ryunosuke, since Phoenix’s name in Japanese is Ryunoichi. This is due to the fact that Ryunosuke's character is basically how Phoenix would act if he were stuck in the Meiji Period. Ryunosuke is Phoenix's ancestor after all.

Susato is a girl that travels alongside Ryunosuke in his journey in the United Kingdom. Her name was simply chosen from letters that Takumi felt were pretty, and alligned them together. Susato is a "legal affairs girl", which is basically a position that helps out attorneys. She has a big sweet tooth and enjoys reading mystery novels, especially those about Sherlock Holmes. Since she is big into books, she is full of useful information, but will occasionally say some strange but interesting quotes. She was given a kimono to appear more like a graceful Japanese woman, and to contrast with Ryunosuke. Since she comes off looking more like an adult next to Ryunosuke, it helps the characters work well together during their conversations.

Baroque Vanzieks will play the rival attorney this time around. He is often referred to as the "Death God" of the Old Bailey by the Central Criminal Court of England. He was given this nickname because no one stands after facing him in trial. Takumi explains that his design was dark from the beginning, stressing that London had a strong judicial system during this time period that seemed to be very bright, but where there is light there is always darkness. This is where you would find Baroque Vanzieks.

He is the first prosecutor in the series to be created by coming up with his background first. Since he was to be called a "death god", the design for the character became very dark. He also given some strong, fierce animations that seem to intimidate Ryunosuke. He is sure to be a worthy adversary for the young Ryunosuke.

The Great Ace Attorney will be released in Japan on July 9th for the Nintendo 3DS.