Scott Clay
Square Enix Teases Six Surprises At E3
Please be what I think this is!
06.13.15 - 12:22 PM

Square Enix released a teaser video today to hype up their June 16th E3 press conference. The video quickly goes over some of the games that are will be shown during the press conference. However, it does leave out 6 games that are "bleeped out" to avoid spoilers. What is really interesting, is at the 40 second mark the music in the video plays a oddly familiar tune. Yes that's right, it's a remix of Frog's Theme from Chrono Trigger. Could this mean what I think it means? It has been 15 years since Chrono Cross. Enough is enough Square Enix, give us a new Chrono game already! Anyway, you can rock out to Frog's Theme, and check out the teaser below.

I guess we will all need to wait a few more days to find out. Make sure to check back with RPGFan all of next week as we bring you coverage of all the exciting upcoming RPGs at E3.