Liz Maas
An Introduction to Fire Emblem: If in a Lengthy Trailer
You too, can build a castle out of Amiibos.
06.10.15 - 6:59 PM

Fire Emblem: If for Nintendo 3DS is such a large game that it comes as two: White Kingdom and Dark Kingdom. And as such, it needs a 7-minute trailer to give a good overview of all of its features — like building your own castle, for one. Below is the Japanese introduction trailer, and a quick TV spot too:

As with any title in the long-running SRPG series, Fire Emblem: If has a large character cast, some of whom we’ve recently met - and you’ll have cameos from characters like Marth and Robin if you have their Amiibo figurine.

Fire Emblem: If releases on June 25th in Japan and next year in North America and Europe.