Liz Maas
Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward's Pre-Order Issues Are Still Being Resolved
...this time in Europe! Seriously, those dragons must be angry.
06.09.15 - 6:44 PM

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward hasn't exactly had the smoothest pre-order campaign ever, starting with the Square Enix Store crashing on customers the day pre-orders began, to issues with PlayStation 4 preorders if you had upgraded A Realm Reborn from PS3, to problems with Steam customers who originally played ARR's free trial before purchasing the game. Now it turns out that European customers are unable to pre-order Heavensward at all on the PlayStation Network. At least for now.

Fortunately, Square and SCEE have a solution which requires players to purchase and download 'early purchase editions' of Heavensward between June 19th and 23rd on PSN. You will still get early access (so long as you have an active account for A Realm Reborn) and apparently the pre-order bonuses as well. As of the 23rd, this version will no longer be available and replaced on PSN with regular editions.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward is set for a June 23rd release, with early access beginning on June 1a9th at 2 AM Pacific/5 AM Eastern. Early access codes must be entered on the Mog Station, and A Realm Reborn game clients will update automatically before launch. For more info on early access, go here.